Croydon – A town made for cycling

This summer Croydon is hosting two of the biggest events in the UK cycling calendar, the Pearl Izumi men’s tour series and the Matrix Fitness women’s grand prix. Croydon is a London borough with a special place in the London cycling landscape; it is situated close to the cycling heartlands of the South while being close enough to central London that it can be reached in under an hour.

As Croydon becomes home to more and more start-up businesses, cycling is an oft-chosen mode of transport by young professionals. Like many other London Borough’s, Croydon is not there yet when it comes to cycle infrastructure. However, with cyclists making up over 25% of vehicles in London’s morning rush hour, Croydon Council is committed to improving cycling in the borough, making it a safer and more attractive part of London to cycle. At the moment, for instance, measures are being taken to improve the Crystal Palace Parade junction that is part of a route commonly used by Croydon cyclists to head into town.

With £1 billion being invested into Croydon, its town centre is in the process of being transformed into a premier South London destination for shopping, working and living.  As one of the most sustainable new developments in London cycling distances in and around the newly masterplanned town and its revamped Westfield and Hammerson shopping centre will be short and ample cycle storage will be provided.

Croydon is a thriving London borough that is set to become a major financial generator for the city. What better way than to experience it on two wheels. See you on the road!


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