Croydon Devo Max?

None other than London Mayor, Boris Johnson and the Greater London Authority are backing Croydon’s putative attempts to get devolutionary powers meaning it could start to control its own locally generated tax revenues.

The case for this autonomy of taxes was made by a delegation of councillors, MPs and businesses who went to the Houses of Parliament this week to make the case and thereby accelerate the borough’s £5.25billion regeneration programme.

Local GLA member Steve O’Connell joined Croydon Council leader, Tony Newman and Croydon MP’s Steve Reed and Gavin Barwell ensuring that Croydon’s “growth zone” proposal received cross-party support.

Fiona Fletcher-Smith, executive director of development and environment for the GLA, underlined Boris’ support for Croydon’s proposals at the Develop Croydon Conference, which took place at Fairfield Halls on Tuesday, November 25.

Croydon is not only ambitious and accessible but also has a progressive attitude to local government. Any property taxation generated here could be recycled to support the growth in the borough and realise its potential.

Ms Fletcher-Smith insisted there was no concern at City Hall with additional powers being devolved back to the borough and said. “The mayor has always made clear the very vital role boroughs play in this and his attitude is to work with the boroughs as much as humanly possible.

Ms Fletcher-Smith also underlined the strategic importance of Croydon to the capital as a whole, saying: “We have a number of metropolitan centres within London and Croydon is definitely one of them. Croydon is ready and that is what makes it so attractive.”

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