Croydon – More Homes, More Potential

If London is to prosper, Croydon needs to step up its house-building programme according to London Deputy Mayor Richard Blakeway in a keynote speech at this year’s Develop Croydon Conference

Mr Blakeway revealed that he settled in Croydon when he first moved to London in the 1990s saying: “there was some pretty nice housing stock, great open spaces and connectivity. From Croydon it’s faster to get to the city than from Paddington or Hammersmith.”

The suburbs of London, especially Croydon have vast potential to contribute to the type of housing that Londoners want according to Alison Butler, deputy leader of Croydon Council, who says: “We have many distinctive district centres in London’s largest borough, with a diverse population which is one of our greatest assets. Ensuring people live in decent homes is top of our list and we’re determined that a fair share of new homes are affordable.”

BBC News home editor, Mark Easton, chaired the day-long conference and was assured by Councillor Butler that the provision of a high proportion of so-called affordable housing was achievable. “30% affordable housing is realistic,” said Councillor Butler. “Developers think it can be done. It can be achieved and it is being achieved.”

She also pledged to retain Croydon’s place as London’s greenest borough, and said the council was determined to develop its cultural position. Nathan Elvery, council chief executive, added: “We recognise the geographical position as a gateway into London and a gateway to the south.”

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