Croydon residents amongst the nicest in London

You don’t have to pay the most expensive rates in London (or the world) to seek happiness in the capital. A study from Cambridge University analysed data from 56,000 Londoners and discovered that Croydon residents were amongst the happiest people in the capital, along with close neighbours Bromley.

Specific personality traits were examined and showed that people residing in the suburbs of south London are the most sociable, whereas those living in central, affluent areas such as Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea were deemed to be less considerate than that south of the river.

Dr Jason Rentfrow, of the Department of Psychology at Cambridge University, said the findings could prove useful to those deciding on an area to live.

‘Granted, most people don’t have the luxury of complete control over where they live, but given their budgets, people can decide whether it’s more important to live in the centre of town, where daily life is vibrant and accommodation is small, or further out where daily life is slower but space is more plentiful. Making the decision that fits with your personality could have an effect on your overall life satisfaction.’

It’s not that surprising that Croydon is the borough with the greatest potential in Greater London. Only 15 minutes from Central London and offering still affordable rents, it is becoming an ever stronger magnet for London’s flourishing population of young professionals. Why kill yourself financially to rent an apartment in Islington or Camden when you could live (and save) in in the most up-and-coming area in London. Choose Croydon – Be happy!

Research conducted by Dr Jason Rentfrow, of the Department of Psychology at Cambridge University – URL:

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