Top 7 Personality Traits Essential For Starting A Tech Business

Drive / determination – Be the one who is going to be driving a Ferrari by the time they are 25 (or even 35)

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Design conscious – Ensuring your office looks the part is not just good for employee morale, but it can help seal a job for when potential clients come in.

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Being original / thinking big – it is estimated that there are 270,000 businesses in the digital economy, and originality can help you stand out from the crowd.

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Business savvy – You can’t just be someone with a great idea but someone who can own the room at a party and can gain attention to their business.

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Managerial presence – As much as they might think they can do it all on their own they can’t. Spotting talent is a talent itself, and vital to business growth.


Self-belief – Not listening to the naysayers but believing that what you have to offer is the best. Take risks but not be silly.


Raising money – At the start this is what every great tech entrepreneur has had to do. Look for mentors who believe in what you have to offer and network.



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