Westfield Sold On Higher Wages

The developers behind the creation of Croydon’s new Westfield shopping centre are committed to helping ensure that people who work there when it is finished are at least able to earn the London Living Wage.

The boost to jobs that the redevelopment of the old Whitgift Centre would entail was undermined by suggestions that retail and leisure workers often earn poor wages due to the temporary nature of their employment.

With this in mind, the Croydon Partnership moved to allay those concerns at the Develop Croydon Conference held at the Fairfield Halls on November 25.

In reply to a question from Sarah Jones, the Labour parliamentary candidate for Croydon Central, John Burton, Director of development for Westfield, said: “We are committed as a bare minimum to the London Living Wage and we make it known to all those we are entering into contracts with that as a bare minimum they need to be paying the London Living Wage.”

Before development can go ahead there will be an inquiry into the land assembly with existing landowners on the site the subject of Compulsory Purchase Orders. The project, however, is scheduled to be trading for Christmas 2019.

As with the Westfield shopping centre at Stratford, ensuring local people were able to get the jobs being created by the scheme was a vital plank of the developer’s policy.

It is estimated that opening the centre will require 9,000 jobs with something like 22,000 to 23,000 working on the development, demolition and rebuild.

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